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Vindplaats:C 4.95 
Titel:Nuclear Tibet 
Samenvatting: This report identifies the problems surrounding China's nuclear presence and legacy in Tibet, approaching the many rumors of nuclear abuse and neglect with an unbiased and independent eye. It reveals much new information while laying other rumors to rest. And in its method, the report breaks through the Cold War iron curtain habit of writing and theorizing from afar. China and Tibet are not dealt with as theoretical places; the authors went to Tibet, and frame the problem beyond merely the comfortable nuclear crisis mode, integrating environmental, political, social, and human rights dilemmas.  
Uitgever: The International Campaign for Tibet (ICT) 
Jaar van uitgave: april, 1993 
Taal: Engels 
Aantal aanwezig:
ISBN/ISSN: 1-879245-06-X 
Ondertitel: Nuclear weapons and nuclear waste on the Tibetan plateau 
Foto's: zwart/wit foto's  
Opmerkingen: enkele tabellen en landkaarten  
Aantal pagina's: 64 
Trefwoorden: Tibet, nucleair afval, China, uranium, nucleaire wapens, proliferatie, Verenigde staten, Nucleair vrije zone, uranium opwerking, stralingsslachtoffers, uraniumwinning, nucleaire reactor, Lhasa, Operatie Top Hat, radioactief afval, Kokonor meer, Negende Academie, Greenpeace,