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Vindplaats:C 4.59 
Titel:Under the crescent moon: rebellion in Mindanao 
Auteur: Da˝huilan, Martines & Gloria, Glenda M. 
Samenvatting: The story of Mindanao is truly much more than a story of war. But war's very persistence on that great island suggests that the peace and progress Mindanaoans crave - Muslims, Christians, and Lumad - cannot be reached without first revisitiung the sources of conflict and retracing its tortuous path to the present. This book is an exhaustively red\searched, evenhanded, and briskly written report on the Mindanao that most Filipinos reas about averyday but have never really known. It holds great value for scholars and pedestrians alike: a sifted mass of detail that often reads like a political thriller. All the characters af great drama are here - upstage, downstage, and in the shadows - and all the powerful emotions: courage, betrayal, anguish, and even the occasional flash of humor. To read is to begin to understand, after all these centuries, what Manila, Mindanao, Malaysia, and Macca have integrally to do with one another. 
Uitgever: Ateneo Center for Social Policy & Public Affairs 
Jaar van uitgave: 2000 
Taal: Engels 
Aantal aanwezig:
ISBN/ISSN: 9719167971 
Aantal pagina's: 327 
Trefwoorden: Filippijnen, Mindanao, MILF,