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Vindplaats:C 4.502 
Auteur: Robin Murray 
Samenvatting: What has happened in Vietnam? What can and should be done? Everyone has some sort of answer to the second question. Not so many can answer the first> This book provides the facts on which any informed answer must be based. Great public interest was aroused by the “teach-ins” on Vietnam, both in America and in Britain, at which prominent members of the governments engaged in public debate. VIETNAM is a kind of written teach-in (it is called no. 1 in the Read-in Series, since there will be other books of the same kind to follow). It presents the important issues of the long drawn out conflict in Vietnam through the words of people on both sides and in many countries. The reader is left to make up his own mind where the truth lies: VIETNAM gives him the evidence in fuller and more coherent form than newspapers, magazines or television can hope to do. The material is drawn from a very wide range of sources. Full use has been made of the books and articles in newspapers and periodicals in various languages. (The French sources are particularly rich and most of what is given in this book has never been translated into English before). There are many quotations from American and British official speeches and on the other side there are extracts of great interest taken from monitored radio sources, including those from North and South Vietnam, the Vietcong Liberation Radio, China and Russia. The editor has consulted all important published government sources such as white papers and gives many extracts from them; in contrast there is an outstandingly interesting piece from the diary of a Vietcong guerrilla. Finally there are extracts from the speeches of politicians and military leaders of various countries and full use has been made of pronouncements by embassies and other government departments. The book is, as far as possible, completely up to date. It has been revised and new material has been added up to the moment when the typescript was sent to the press only a few weeks before publication  
Uitgever: Eyre & Spottiswoode (Publishers) Ltd London 
Jaar van uitgave: 1965 
Taal: Engels 
Aantal aanwezig:  
Ondertitel: No 1 in the Read-In series 
Aantal pagina's: 219 
Serie: No 1 in the Read-In series 
Trefwoorden: Vietnam, Geneva conference,China, Russia,Britain, Milatry, Politics