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Vindplaats:C 4.104 
Titel:The records of atomic bombing in Nagasaki 
Samenvatting: At 11:02 AM, on August 9, 1945, a flash from the atomic bomb over the city of nagasaki destroyed and burned everything in sight, injuring as many as 75,000 and killing as many as 74,000 people in an instant. Moreover, the radioactivity generated by the atomic fission caused even the gradual death of uninjured people, giving them the great pain of chronic diseases. We cannot but hope from the bottom of our hearts that such a tremendous disaster shall never happen again on the earth. However, it is deplorable that, in spite of our earnest prayer for peace, the present situation of the world seems, at large, to be inclined towards the extraordinary improvement and strengthening of the power of nuclear weapons. More than thirty years have passed since the world war II was over now. The disastrous effects of the war and the terror of the atomic bomb are fading away from the minds of the people. Of course, there are a great number of young men who have no experience of the war and the cruelty of the atomic bombing. Now we have published this book, so that many more men and women may actually realize the value of "Peace" by looking at and thinking of those events. I shall be very grateful if the people, whether they have the experience of war or not, will fully understand the imminent aspiration for peace cherished by the citizens of Nagasaki, which was once destroyed by the cursed atomic bomb.- Mayor of Nagasaki.  
Uitgever: Nagasaki city 
Jaar van uitgave: 1988 
Taal: Engels 
Aantal aanwezig:
Foto's: veel foto's, zie opmerkingen 
Opmerkingen: Tekst in Japans en Engelse. Fotographs are those by the municipality and those returned by the U.S.Pathology Institution except some from; Torahiko Ogawa, Yasuo Tomisige (Asahi Shimbunsha), Shigeo Hayashi, Eiichi Matsumoto (Asahi Shimbunsha), Yosuke Yamab 
Aantal pagina's: 64 
Trefwoorden: Nagasaki, Japan, atoombom, geschiedenis, gewonden, gezondheidszorg, hittestraling, radioactieve straling, tekeningen, atoomziektes, nucleaire dreiging, nucleaire ontwapening, vredesverklaring,