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Vindplaats:C 4.102 
Titel:The Hiroshima pilot 
Auteur: William Bradford Huie 
Samenvatting: In 1944, Major Claude Eatherly, a gay, carefree extrovert, was selected as one of thirteen command-pilots to train with the super-secret 509th Composite Group. On the fateful mission of August 6, 1945, Eatherly's plane, Straight Flush, made a simulated bomb run over Hiroshima, testing visibility, then radioed an all-clear message to the Enola Gay, which dropped the first atomic bomb. Since 1950, three years after he left the Air Force, Claude Eatherly has been almost constantly under psychiatric care. No individual since the dawn of the atomic age has received more attention as the focal point of the passions and fears that grip our world today. Here for the first time are presented all the facts. Basing his study on careful research in previously uninvestigated files and on intervies with Eartherly's doctors, friends, family, and former crew members - as well as with Eatherly himself - William Bradford Huie has etched a fully- dimensioned and startling portrait of the man who has been a pilot in the service of his country, a holdup man and a forger, a mental patient, and a symbol for mass guilt.  
Uitgever: Pocket Books, INC, New York 
Jaar van uitgave: 1965 
Taal: Engels 
Aantal aanwezig:
Editie: Eerste druk april 1965 
Opmerkingen: Er is met potlood in de kantlijn en onder stukjes tekst gestreept en een enkel woord is gearceerd. Pagina's zitten beetje los.  
Aantal pagina's: 344 
Trefwoorden: Hiroshima, piloot, schuldgevoel, Enola Gay, psychologie, atoombom, C. Eatherly, U.S.Air Force, Verenigde Staten,