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Vindplaats:C 8.9 
Titel:Collision Course at Kwajalein 
Auteur: Giff Johnson 
Samenvatting: Collision Course at Kwajalein is about the devastating impact of the nuclear arms race on the Marshallese people and the leading role these remote Pacific Islands have played in developing America's nuclear arsenal. The story of the Marshallese people is the focus of chapters in Part I, while Part II outlines the nuclear weapons system developed or planned for testing at the Kwajalein Missile Range. Kwajalein's important anti-satellite operations as part of the Pacific Barrier radar network and the dangers this poses to Marshallese are outlined in Chapter Seven. Chapter Eight concludes with suggestions for action and further reading. The aim of this publication is to draw attention to destabilizing nuclear innovations and critical human rights problems that have gone virtually unnoticed at the Kwajalein Missile Range. 
Uitgever: Pacific Concerns Resource Center 
Jaar van uitgave: 1984 
Taal: Engels 
Aantal aanwezig:
Ondertitel: Marshall Islanders in the Shadow of the Bomb 
Foto's: zwart-wit foto's voorin staan de photo credits 
Aantal pagina's: 71 
Trefwoorden: Stille Oceaan, Marshall Eilanden. Kwajalein, Micronesia, atoombom, atoomproeven, Verenigde Staten, wapenwedloop, atoomwedloop, luchtmacht, raketafweer, anti-satelliet netwerk, geleide raketten, milieu, bewonersprotest,