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Vindplaats:A 6.57 
Titel:Defence without the Bomb 
Samenvatting: The Alternative Defense Commission was set up to consider the possible defense policies for a Britain that had said 'No' to the bomb. It recognized that saying 'No' was not enough. Having accepted the basic premise that Britain should renounce the use, or deployment on its territory, of nuclear weapons, the members of the Commission looked at the immediate difficulties and consequences of becoming non-nuclear. They went on to put forward suggestions for the defense of the country, ranging from the maintenance of strong conventional forces to radical proposals for defense by civil resistance. The outcome of the Commission's deliberations and recommendations are contained in Defense without the Bomb.  
Redactie: The Alternative Defence Commission 
Uitgever: Taylor & Francis Ltd.  
Jaar van uitgave: 1983 
Taal: Engels 
Aantal aanwezig:
ISBN/ISSN: 0-85066-240-0  
Ondertitel: The report of the Alternative Defence Commission 
Opmerkingen: Achterin het boek staan overzichten en tabellen.  
Aantal pagina's: 311 
Trefwoorden: alternatieve verdediging, kernwapens, Groot BrittanniĆ«, civiele verdediging, Europa, NATO, guerrilla, kernwapens, kernoorlog, vredesbeweging, vredesverdragen, Verenigde Staten, Tweede Wereldoorlog, bezetten,