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Vindplaats:A 6.53 
Titel:Norma Dolby' s diary 
Samenvatting: in march 1984 Norma Dolby didn't want the miners in het village to strike. The moinths which followed changed all that. A woman never before involved in politics, who had hardly travelled from the community in which she lived was eoon organizeing food parcels, braving police intimidation on the picket line, and receiving yumultuous app;lause at big miner' rallies in London. here month by month is a moving and veautifully written account of the greatest industrial dispute of our tims. Norma Dolby's honesty, generosity and sense of humour shine through on every page. Her diary vividly reminds us that the sharing of the pit villages remains the most powerful antidote to the selfishness and greed of Thatcherism. Norma Dolby is a miner 'sw wife and mother of three children from Arkwright Town, Derbyshire. This is her first published book. 
Uitgever: Verso 
Jaar van uitgave: 1987 
Taal: Engels 
Aantal aanwezig:  
ISBN/ISSN: 0860911691 
Ondertitel: An account of the great miners' strike 
Opmerkingen: In Archief. 
Aantal pagina's: 123 
Trefwoorden: mijnwerkers, kolenmijnen, Groot-Brittannie, dagboek, staken, civiele verdediging,