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Vindplaats:A 6.513 
Samenvatting: This special number is honouring A.J.Muste. A living memorial to A.J. Muste. A series of articles that deal with some of the problems with which A.J. struggled; they are intended to throw light not only on A.J’s life and work but on the reader’s life and work as well. Organizing a resistance movement, a liberation movement. In A.J’s overtime work were two trips to Vietnam during the last ten month of his life.A.J. was not to stand aside. This issue of Liberation appears at a period when the principles to which A.J. Muste devoted his live: revolutionary humanism – active nonviolence and self-determination for all peoples are of critical importance in the life of America and the world. 
Redactie: Paul Goodman 
Uitgever: Liberation 
Jaar van uitgave: 1967 
Taal: Engels 
Aantal aanwezig:  
Ondertitel: Special Double Number A.J.Muste 
Aantal pagina's: 79 
Trefwoorden: Humanism, nonviolence, self-determination