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Vindplaats:A 6.34 
Titel:Civilian-based defense 
Auteur: Gene Sharp 
Samenvatting: " Two things are certain about the future of politics and international relations," writes Gene Sharp. "Conflict is inevitable, and effective defence will be required against internal usurpers and international aggressors." The crucial issue then is how to deter and defend against such attacks. Sharp has been called the "Clausewitz of nonviolent warfare" and has been a leading pioneer in the development of civilianbased defense. This book applies the results of his studies on nonviolent struggle to the problems of deterrence and defense. For the general public and policymakers, it explains how massive and selective noncooperation and defiance by a country's population and institutions can deny attackers their objectives - without the dangers of modern war. Sharp discusses several prototypical cases of improvised nonviolent noncooperation and defiance against occupations and coups - as in Germany, France, and Czechoslovakia. He explores the strategies of prepaired civilian-based defense and the ways "transarmament" - or the changeover from military defense system - could be conducted. He also surveys the efforts of a few European countries to integrate small nonviolent resistance components into their predominantly military defense policies. Rather than treating nonviolent ethical systems, the author focuses on the practicalities of the further development of a 'nonviolent weapons system' which can provide defense without war. Gene Sharp is President of the Albert Einstein Institution in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 
Uitgever: Princeton University Press - Princeton New Jersey 
Jaar van uitgave: 1990 
Taal: Engels 
Aantal aanwezig:
ISBN/ISSN: 0-691-07809-2 
Ondertitel: A post-military weapons system 
Aantal pagina's: 165 
Trefwoorden: verdediging, oorlog, civiele verdediging, ge├»mproviseerde strijd, collectieve weerstand, maatschappelijke afkomst van defensie, geweldloosheid, geweldloos wapensysteem, geweldloze actie, strategie, dwang, desintegratie, genocide, afschrikking, internationale ondersteuning, superstaten,