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Vindplaats:A 6.30 
Titel:Making Europe Unconquerable 
Auteur: Gene Sharp 
Samenvatting: Making Europe unconquerabele is a provocative exploration of a new policy to meet Western Europe's security needs. This book boldly looks beyond military technology to a deliberate refinement and use of the power of a society's population and institutions to resist attackers. Civilian-based defence is designed to prevent and defend agains both invation and internal takeovers. The strategy is to prepare societies to become unrulable by aggressors and able to deny them their objectives. Their political and economic costs would be increased to unacceptable levels. Finally, the defenders would attempt to undermine the morale and reliability of the attackers' troops and funcionaries. Civilian-based defence is counterposed to NATO's threat of nuclear weapons to deter Soviet aggression and even of their use to halt advancing Soviet troops. Pragmatic rather than ideological, civilian-based defence requires organization, preparations, and training. The policy is proposed as a potentially more effective way to provide genuine defence while drastically reducing the dangers of nuclear war.  
Uitgever: Taylor & Francis, London 
Jaar van uitgave: 1985 
Taal: Engels 
Aantal aanwezig:
ISBN/ISSN: 0-85066-329-6 
Ondertitel: The Potential of Civilian-based Deterrence and Defence 
Aantal pagina's: 250 
Trefwoorden: Europa, burgerlijke ongehoorzaamheid, civiele verdediging, defensie, West-Europa, Duitsland, Frankrijk, Tsjecho-Slowakije, afschrikking, politiek, invasies, nucleaire aanval, verdediging, Blitzkrieg, strategie├źn, communicatie, staatsgreep, coups d'├ętat, internationale steun, NATO, Sovjet Unie,