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Vindplaats:A 6.17 
Titel:People Building Peace 
Auteur: European centre for conflict prevention 
Samenvatting: 35 Inspiring stories from around the world. In the past decade the number of peace-builders working at all levels of society in places of ethnic and civil conflicts around the world, has mushroomed. The contribution of civilians, whethter working from the bottom up or the top down, to resolving the conflicts of our time can no longer be ignored. Churches, women's organisations, the media, and business have all demonstrated their potential for building peace. So too the role of schools, the arts and sports is gaining increasing recognition. ‘Multi-trach diplomacy’, as it is called, is flourishing, and provides a major reason for hope of a more peaceful world. This book shows why. Includes a list of addresses of selected organisations involved in peace-building. 
Uitgever: ECCP & IFOR & CISWF 
Jaar van uitgave: 1999 
Taal: Engels 
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ISBN/ISSN: 90 57270293 
Ondertitel: 35 Inspiring stories from around the world 
Foto's: div. zw./wit 
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Trefwoorden: vredeswerk, armoede, Peace-building, democratie, geweld-loosheid, Noord Ierland, Zuid Afrika, Israël, Palestina, O.C.S.E., Mali, Bosnië, U.N.E.S.C.O., N.G.O.'s, Sri Lanka, Filippijnen, Colombia, Osijek, Cyprus, Somalië, kerk, Kenia, Cambodja, Guatamala, I.F.O.R., vrouwen, media, India, onderwijs, kunst, muziek, sport, Iran, Rwanda, Joden, Arabieren, Nicaragua,